We are pleased to announce that J.A. Lindeman & Co. has changed its name to Raphael Bellum PLLC.

Our Technologies

Our Technologies

Chemical, Biotechnology, Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Chemical Biotechnology Pharmaceuticals and Life Sciences

Our chemical, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and life sciences practitioners provide a complete set of intellectual property legal services, including preparing patent applications, developing worldwide patent portfolios, conducting due diligence, assessing validity and infringement, preparing freedom-to-operate opinions, and licensing.  No matter the size of the company or the stage of the technology, we work alongside our clients to understand their science, translate their research into valuable patents, and assess the patent landscape for successful commercialization.

Our clients operate on the front lines of scientific innovation, from renowned research universities to industry-defining frontrunner companies.  Our Chemical and Life Sciences Team works side-by-side with our clients to protect their valuable discoveries, from catalysts, small molecule active pharmaceutical ingredients and polymers, to enzymatic processes, formulations, assays, and biologics.  In addition to our years of legal experience, we are experienced and trained chemists, biologists, and biotechnologists who “understand the science” and work hand-in-hand with our clients to shepherd their inventions from the research bench, through intellectual property protection, to product development and commercialization.

Engineering, Manufacturing, Software
and Design

Engineering, Manufacturing, Software and Design

Trained both as engineers and lawyers, our Engineering and Design team brings a depth of experience to establishing an integrated and comprehensive Intellectual Property portfolio for our clients’ products, systems, and software.  We set ourselves apart by obtaining meaningful patents even with the rapidly and constantly shifting U.S. standards for patent eligibility, thereby ensuring that our high-tech clients can innovate with confidence.  Software and electrical components are the core of many modern products and platforms: whether we carry them in our pockets, speak to them in our homes, or access them in the cloud.

That rapid pace of technological development requires the agile Intellectual Property strategy we provide to establish market presence, gain market dominance, and ward off market threats.  Our approach covers every facet of technological innovation, including filing utility and design patent applications (both in the U.S. and abroad), establishing and protecting trademarks and brands, conducting due diligence and freedom-to-operate analyses, and intellectual property licensing.  From universities to new and emerging businesses, to established companies, we engage with our clients to help turn their cutting-edge innovations into valuable Intellectual Property.